Residual Referral Fees

How would you like to earn money for referrals over and over again?  We pay residual referral fees of $10 for referrals who actively maintain their client status.  

Payments will be made monthly after successful payment from the referred client on the last day of the month, year after year.

This applies to all types of referrals.  We apply referral fees for payroll, bookkeeping, and tax services, including tax resolution.  

For example, you send us a bookkeeping referral, and they use our services monthly, you get $10 monthly for your referral!  Every month!  Payroll referrals are also paid monthly!  Every month!

Tax preparation referrals are yearly!  The more referrals you send to us, the more money you get!  Every month or year!  

Call us for more details!  

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